Know what it is like to toss around the bed in the evening or during the night? Most of us do, especially when we are stressed and worried! Sometimes simple methods like counting sheep and warm milk are helpful, but when that fails, it is time to reach for something more effective!  Our recommendation: melatonin supplementation 😊!  

Not every product with melatonin is good – when supplementation is needed, it is important to carefully select a supplement with the right dosage of melatonin. Which is why we developed Valens Melatonin, an oral spray with natural blackcurrant aroma. It contains 0,33 mg of melatonin per daily dosage, which is a safe and effective concentration. Valens Melatonin contains 125 sprays and lasts for 4 months of regular use.

Melatonin = sleep hormone

Melatonin, also called sleep hormone or hormone of darkness, is a hormone, that is naturally produced by our brain prior to and during the night time. Secretion of melatonin starts as soon as darkness falls and the darker it gets outside, the more melatonin is produced in our body. Natural concentration therefore reaches its peak between 2 and 4 AM. Melatonin is also connected to our circadian rhythm, a 24-hour, internal clock. Considering the body’s natural rhythm, secretion of melatonin starts at one’s sleep time.

Due to modern lifestyle, night shifts and stress, secretion of melatonin if often disturbed. One of the possible forms of help is melatonin supplementation.

Lower dosages are sufficient

With melatonin less is more. Higher dosages are not necessarily more effective and safety is also something to consider with higher dosages. Melatonin in food supplement is effective even when the concentrations don’t exceed those naturally present in the human body. Excessive use is not recommended as melatonin plays a role in many other processes in the human body. It can also cause addiction when used regularly with high dosages.

Valens Melatonin – quality, safety and innovative form

That is why we developed Valens Melatonin, an innovative food supplement in the form of an oral spray, which contains 0,33 mg of melatonin per one spray. That is a concentration proven to be effective. It is also not exceeding concentration that is naturally present during the night. Oral application makes the product easier to use and packing is also very handy for those who travel a lot.

Valens Melatonin contains natural blackcurrant aroma and xylitol, which makes the product suitable for use prior to sleep. It contains 125 sprays and lasts for more than 4 months of regular use!

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Sleep tight 🙂