In the skin, CoQ10 is found in both cells and skin surface lipids, where it acts with other substances as the skin’s outermost barrier. The human body biosynthesises CoQ10, but its skin levels, as well as its levels in other tissues, drop progressively with increasing age. CoQ10 is often added to cosmetic products, which are proven to have beneficial effects on skin, but it has become an “ingredient” for food supplements and functional foods, formulated to support skin-health.

However, the evidence about the effect of dietary intake of CoQ10 was scarce. That is why we initiated the study about the effects of CoQ10 on skin viscoelasticity, hydration, dermis thickness and density. 

Two clinical studies demonstrated multiple benefits of Q10Vital® upon its regular use in regards to the reduction of wrinkles and improvement in skin evenness and firmness. While benefits were already shown with daily supplementation of 50 mg CoQ10 (as Q10Vital®), even better results in terms of the reduction of wrinkles were observed with the daily dosage of 100 mg.

The participants in the study were healthy women, aged from 45 to 60 years old. They were divided in 3 groups and were consuming either: placebo, 50 mg of CoQ10 or 150 mg of CoQ10.