Due to increased life expectancy, more and more focus is placed on overcoming challenges related to aging. As changes in skin appearance are often the first visible signs of aging, a lot of research is dedicated to reduction of those signs. Skin is a complex organ that provides protective interface between the external environment and the body. Genetics, environmental factors such as sun exposure, ultraviolet radiation, smoking, sleep deprivation, pollution, and nutritional factors are what affects skin-aging process the most due to changes in dermal collagen network and formation of free radicals.

Wide range of nutritional supplements, including collagen and CoQ10 have already been examined and proven to have beneficial effects on skin, however the effect of a combination of CoQ10 and collagen has not yet been investigated. Hence, Valens initiated a new study to prove beneficial effects of supplementation with CoQ10 and collagen complex on skin.

Our goal was to investigate the effects of Valens Premium Collagen Complex (with 4000 mg of collagen and 50 mg of Q10Vital®, water soluble CoQ10 with improved bioavailability) on dermis density, wrinkle area, skin smoothness and other skin parameters.

Results of the study

1. Significantly higher dermis density. 

After 12 weeks of supplementation with Valens Premium Collagen Complex, the dermis density in test group was significantly higher in comparison to placebo group, as well as to baseline in the test group. Dermal density is mostly related to the amount of collagen (and elastin), yet these results are almost double when compared to one of the previous studies with a higher dose of collagen (10 mg/day) and no CoQ10, indicating synergistic effects between CoQ10 and collagen

2. Decrease in the periorbital wrinkle area fraction

After 12 weeks of supplementation, the evaluated wrinkle area (around the eyes) fraction was significantly lower in the test group. There was no difference between the test and placebo group at baseline.

3. Significantly lower total wrinkle score

With expert assessment of wrinkles of different types in different face areas the total wrinkle score was calculated. In the test group, total wrinkle score was significantly lower after 12 weeks of supplementation, while no difference was observed in the placebo group compared to baseline.

4. Significant improvement in smoothness

Skin smoothness in the test group has improved significantly, while the placebo group even had a slight decline. The improvement in the expression of microrelief lines was also notably higher in the test group compared to baseline, yet not statistically significant compared to placebo group.

Chart 1: Oral administration of the test product for 12 weeks (T12) led to increased dermis density, while in the placebo group there was no change in the same period of time.

Chart 2: No difference between test and placebo group was noted at the baseline (T0), yet the oral administration of the test product after 12 weeks (T12) resulted in decreased periorbital wrinkle area in the test group.

Chart 3: Relative change of total wrinkle score after 12 weeks of supplementation for test and placebo group, compared to baseline.