Loss of appetite or decreased appetite is a common problem with little children and older adults. People can experience it for various reasons, like unbalanced diet, diseases etc. Signs of decreased appetite include not feeling hungry and unintentional weight loss and can lead to inadequate nutrition intake. 

Valens Appetite Plus was formulated for people with poor appetite or loss of appetite. This unique formula contains lysine, an essential amino acid, which is an important building block of proteins in the body. Inadequate intake of lysine can cause loss of appetite.

Valens Appetite Plus also contains natural extracts of Mediterranean plants bitter orange and artichoke, which contribute to appetite and normal digestion, and other carefully selected essential nutrients, needed for normal functioning of the body.

Thiamine, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 contribute to normal psychological function and normal energy-yielding metabolism, while vitamin B6 also contributes to normal protein and glycogen metabolism. The formula also includes pantothenic acid, which contributes to normal mental performance.

Blackberry flavour gives the liquid a pleasant taste which makes it easier to include it into children’s diet. The product is suitable for children from the age of 3.

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Valens Pro Appetite liquid