Valens Premium Collagen Complex contains Q10Vital®, innovative form of CoQ10, that was developed in Slovenia. This form has clinically proven superior absorption – 4-times better compared to regular CoQ10. Q10Vital® represents by far the most effective form of CoQ10 with improved bioavailability.


Clinical studies

In Valens, we believe the beauty comes from within, so we decided to prove the effects of regular consumption of CoQ10 on skin with a clinical study. The results were revolutionary – they confirmed the positive effects of CoQ10 consumption on skin structure, firmness and microrelief (wrinkles reduction).

*33 women participated in a study and were divided into 2 study groups and one control group (taking placebo). The results were better in the group taking higher dosages, but both study groups had better results on the skin compared to control group.


Picture 1: skin before 12 weeks of supplementation with Q10Vital®.

Valens Beauty kolagen Q10 gubice

Picture 2: skin after 12 weeks of supplementation with Q10Vital®.