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Quvital® CoQ10 oral spray 50 mg


A unique food supplement in the form of an oral spray with 50 mg of world’s best COQ10. The product contains Q10Vital®, an innovative form of water-soluble CoQ10 with clinically proven 4-times better bioavailability. Oral spray form enables easy, fast and accurate dosing, faster start of the absorption and daily amount distributed in smaller dosages, which additionally improves absorption.

Recommended to everyone after the age of 30, physically active people and athletes, statin users and everyone with risk factors.

Flavor: pineapple
Packing: 27 ml
Recommended daily dose: 5 sprays
Servings: 30

The packaging of the product is in Slovenian language only. Information, regarding this product and its use, can be found on this webpage. Save it for later.