Valens Vegan Collagen Booster liquid


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An innovative vegan collagen with aminoacids, patented ceramides, water soluble coenzyme Q10 and other nutrients. Promotes natural synthesis of collagen in the human body.

Flavor: lemon and carrot
Packing: 300 ml
Recommended daily intake: 20 ml
15 serving 

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Valens Vegan Collagen Booster is an innovative food supplement, which supports and promotes natural collagen synthesis. Its liquid form represents next generation of “vegan collagen supplements”. The liquid has an excellent carrot and lemon flavor.

An innovative vegan formula contains 6 essential aminoacids, patented ceramides Ceramosides™, water soluble coenzyme Q10 and other nutrients:

  • vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy skin,
  • vitamin C, which contributes to the formation of collagen,
  • biotin, which helps maintain healthy skin and nails,
  • zinc, which helps maintain healthy skin and helps maintain healthy bones,
  • selenium, which helps maintain healthy hair and nails,
  • vitamin C, zinc and selenium are also powerful antioxidants that protect cells from oxidation (free radical damage).

Vegan collagen – aminoacids

Collagen is a protein, which can only be found in the humans and animals. Vegan collagen, therefore, doesn’t exist and collagen boosters are a good alternative to fish collagen supplements.

Amino acids are the building blocks of all proteins, including the most abundant fibrous proteins in the skin (keratins, collagen and elastin). The ingestion of amino acids that make up collagen (glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, lysine, glutamine, arginine) in appropriate proportions stimulates its natural production. Due to their small size, amino acids are perfectly absorbed and are easily used by the body to build collagen.

CoQ10 and skin beauty

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an endogenous substance, naturally produced by the human body. In the skin, CoQ10 is found in both cells and skin surface lipids, a constituent of the epidermis. Its skin levels, as well as in other organs, drop progressively with age, and supplementation is therefore recommended.

What are ceramides?

Ceramides are skin’s own lipid molecules that are naturally present in epidermis or stratum corneum. They make up to 50% of the skin composition to form the natural skin barrier, which also consists of cholesterol and fatty acids. Essentially, ceramides are a glue that holds together our skin cells and prevent permeability of the skin – they help seal in moisture and protect the skin from environmental damage.

With ageing and other environmental factors (sun damage, inappropriate skin care etc.) quality and quantity of ceramides reduces, which can lead to dry and irritated skin, wrinkles, redness etc. The skin also becomes more susceptible to environmental influences. Supplementation with ceramides stimulated ceramides production, increases its quantity and help restore skin’s barrier.


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