What is the difference between ubiquinone and ubiquinol? 

CoQ10 is present in the human body in both, oxidized (ubiquinone) and reduced (ubiquinol) form. Ubiquinol shifts to Ubiquinone during or following the absorption in the intestine, consequently its function is not affected by the form in which it is consumed. The key challenge is the initial CoQ10 absorption, which is highly improved in Q10Vital®.
Continuous conversion between Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol (reduction –oxidation) takes place in vivo. Depending on whether CoQ10 is in the blood and lymph or inside the mitochondria of the cells, it shifts to the form that is needed in the particular situation.

Is it safe to consume CoQ10?

CoQ10 is a safe, totally natural substance. It is naturally present in the human body and when taken in the form of supplements, the body will eliminate surplus of it, when consumed too much. Clinical studies have been conducted on very high dosages and all available data confirmed safety of CoQ10. Therefore the use of Quvital® products is perfectly safe!

What is the role of CoQ10 in beauty industry?

The effect CoQ10 has on skin has been long known in the beauty industry. That is why so many products contain CoQ10, like creams and lotions. However, the absorption of CoQ10 through skin is by far inferior. In Valens, we believe the beauty comes from within, so we decided to prove the effects of CoQ10 on skin with a clinical study. 33 women participated in a study and it has been proven that regular consumption of CoQ10 in high-enough dosages has an important effect on beauty of skin. That is exactly why we added CoQ10 in our product Valens Premium Collagen Complex.

Which of the products should I choose? 

The choice depends on one´s needs and preferences. Liquid CoQ10 supplements like Quvital® CoQ10 Forte are especially convenient for consumers, who don’t want capsules or have problems with swallowing them. Besides its superior bioavailability and absorption, liquid formulations also enable the distribution of smaller dosings throughout the day, which has been proven to be more effective compared to taking only one dose of CoQ10 per day.

Same goes for Quvital® CoQ10 Spray. Due to their convenient use and excellent absorption in the mouth, oral sprays are becoming more and more popular among consumers.

Dosage depends on lifestyle, age, whether you are using statins etc. We recommend discussing the dosage with your pharmacist, doctor or with us – you can write us on info@valens.si. Experts will gladly answer all your questions regarding choice and use of our products.

Can I consume enough CoQ10 with food only?

We can consume some CoQ10 with food, but the quantities in food are far too little, to fully substitute endogenous synthesis of CoQ10. Even if we consumed CoQ10 rich food – cooking and drying destroys CoQ10. If we wanted to fully subsitute deficit of CoQ10 with food, we would have to consume at least half a kilogram or one kilogram of meat or 20 liters of whole milk, which is against  healthy dietary recommendations.

What are statins and how are they connected to CoQ10?

Statins are one of the most frequently prescribed medications for lowering cholesterol. But unfortunately they also decelerate biosynthesis of CoQ10. Researchs show 16 % to 54 % lower levels of CoQ10 in statin users. Such decrease happens extremely fast, as fast as 2 weeks into statin therapy.

Statins have other side effects, like pain in legs- and arms muscles. No solution for this had been found yet, and a lot of patients consequently stop using statins.