What are ceramides?

Ceramides are skin’s own lipid molecules that are naturally present in epidermis or stratum corneum. They make up to 50% of the skin composition to form the natural skin barrier, which also consists of cholesterol and fatty acids. Essentially, ceramides are a glue that holds together our skin cells and prevent permeability of the skin – they help seal in moisture and protect the skin from environmental damage.

Why should I choose your product?

Oral spray form enables faster use and accurate dosing and offers a very handy packing, suitable for travelling. The product has an excellent taste – it contains natural mango flavor and xylitol, which is naturally present in various fruits. The product does not contain gluten or any other allergens and is also GMO- and sugar-free.

The product contains only top-quality ingredients – premium ceramides and CoQ10 in combination with biotin and vitamins E and C. Its greatest advantage is CoQ10 content, which is proven to contribute to skin firmness and microrelief.

Kaj je alternativa melatoninu?

Na trgu obstaja ogromno izdelkov za pomirjanje in spanje, a le redki so učinkoviti. To dobro vedo tisti, ki imajo pogosto težave s spanjem in so po katerem od teh izdelkov že posegli.

What is an optimal dose or ceramides?

Clinical study had shown, that daily intake of 30 mg ceramides Ceramosides contribute to skin hydration and elasticity. Effects are visible in 15 days. Our product contains 30 mg ceramides in daily dose (4 sprays).

Why should I take ceramides supplements?

With ageing and other environmental factors (sun damage, inappropriate skin care etc.) quality and quantity of ceramides reduces, which can lead to dry and irritated skin, wrinkles, redness etc. The skin also becomes more susceptible to environmental influences. Supplementation with ceramides stimulated ceramides production, increases its quantity and help restore skin’s barrier.

Is your product gluten free?

The product contains wheat seed extract, which is a powerful natural source of ceramides. even though their origin is wheat, ceramides are gluten and allergen free. The extract has been purified, and gluten and allergens have been removed from the final product.

Can I simultaneously consume collagen (Valens Premium Collagen Complex) and Premium Ceramides?

Absolutely, simultaneous consumption is recommended. While collagen will take care of the deeper layers of your skin (dermis thickness for one), ceramides will provide structure your your epidermis, outer layer of your skin – your skin barrier. 

Both products contain coenzyme Q10, but … with CoQ10 more is more! The more Co10 you consumer, the better the effect. With both products, you will consume 100 mg CoQ10, which is an optimal daily dose.